Fellows & Advisory Board

Mahmoud Azaz

 Associate Professor                                 UA CUES Distinguished Fellow               Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Donna Bieg

 Director, Campus Web Services               Digital Experience Technologies

Alex Blandeburgo

 Executive Director
 Housing and Residential Life

Justin Boro

 Assistant Director
 Indigenous Peoples Law/Policy Program

Barbara Carrapa

 Professor and Department Head of

Meg Cota

 Assistant Professor of Practice                     Educational Policy Studies and Practice

Betül Czerkawski

 Applied Technology

Aileen A. Feng

 Associate Professor &                               Director of Italian Studies                       French and Italian

Jen Fields

 Director                                                   Societal Impact
 Research, Innovation & Impact

Anh Le

 Senior Director                                     Finance & Administration                     Research, Innovation and Impact               Business Services

Saura Masconale

 Assistant Professor and                         Outreach Director                                         Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

Brooke Beam Massani

 Director of Research Support Services       Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cheree Meeks

 Assistant Dean for Programs,           Diversity and Inclusion                         Honors College

Susan Miller-Cochran

 Executive Director of General Education   Office of the Provost

Clarisa Robles-Parra

 Chief of Staff                                           Office of the Provost

Lucas Schalewski

 Director, Assessment and Research           Office of the Provost

Lisa Shah-Patel

 Director of Career and Professional           Advising, Office of Student Affairs         Clinical Associate Professor,             Department of Radiology                           College of Medicine- Phoenix

Caleb Simmons

 Faculty Director                             Bachelor of General Studies Program         Associate Professor                                   Religious Studies and Classics

Kayle Skorupski

 Associate Professor of Practice               Nutritional Sciences

Shufang Su

 Professor                                               Physics

Frans Tax

icon of a pomegranate

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology  Faculty Director for Diversity and Inclusion, UA Graduate College

Jennifer Teske

 Associate Professor                         Nutritional Sciences

Alex Underwood

 University Registrar

Hillary Vance

 Assistant Vice President
 South & Southeast Asian Affairs                 Arizona Global