Nina Bates

  • Director, Operations and Strategic Initiatives

     Office of the Provost

Cammy Bellis

  • Co-Director, Health Equity Longitudinal Curricular Theme

     Office of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion       College of Medicine-Phoenix

Brian Berrellez

  • Director, Intelligence and Data Analytics

     ALVSCE Administration

Vincent Borleske

  • Director, Engineering Research

     Administration Services                               College of Engineering

Zelieann Craig

  • Assistant Dean for Research,            College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Associate Professor,                          Animal & Biomedical Sciences

Brian Cunningham

  • Director, Project Logistics

     Office of Strategic Initiatives

Sabah Currim

  • Manager of Data and Development

     Office of Budget and Planning

Jennifer Schultz De La Rosa

  • Director of Strategy

     Comprehensive Pain and Addiction           Center                                                           University of Arizona Health Sciences

Amy K.Kennedy

  • Associate Clinical Professor,          Assistant Department Head 

     Pharmacy Practice and Science                   R.Ken Coit College of Pharmacy

Amelia (Amy) Kraehe

  • Associate Vice President for          Equity in the Arts                            Division of Arizona Arts
  • Associate Professor,                      School of Art College of Fine Arts

Trevor Ledbetter

  • Director, Office of Sustainability

      Business Affairs

Kimberly Marchesseault

  • Co-Director, Business Communication Program

     Eller College of Management

Anjani Polit

  • Systems Engineer and                  Program Manager

     Lunar and Planetary Laboratory                 College of Science

Mary Rigdon

  • Research Professor and                        Associate Director

     Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

Alex Robie Harris

  • Senior Project Director

     Office of University Initiatives

Robert (Rob) Stephan

  • Associate Professor of Practice

     Department of Religious Studies                 and Classics                                                   College of Humanities

Amanda M. Stevens

  • Assistant Director,                  Operations Treasurer

     Arizona Experiment Station                         ALVSCE Administration

Amanda Tashjian

  • Associate Professor of Practice

     Disability and Psychoeducational               Studies                                                           College of Education

Mary Venezia

  • Chief of Staff

     Enrollment Management &                         University Integrated Planning

Monica Yellowhair

  • Assistant Director, Community Outreach & Engagement                  and Tribal Relations

     Cancer Center, College of Medicine