Micro-Workshops: Leading From a Distance

Leaders across the University of Arizona are now managing remote teams—often for the first time. Responding to and successfully navigating these significant changes can be challenging. The Office of Leadership & Organizational Development encourages anyone who manages people at the University to join us for this series of micro-workshops.


  • Strategies for success in a remote work environment

  • Best practices and available resources

  • Questions and challenges your colleagues are having

For additional resources, visit our Resources for Managing Remote Teams page.

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Every Wednesday, 9:00-9:30 a.m.

Tools and Resources

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Setting Expectations | April 22, 2020

Setting expectations is crucial for productivity, success, and team alignment. Learn to transition individual and team agreements that worked in-person to ones designed for virtual environments.

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Communicating Effectively | April 29, 2020

Communicating with your team in a remote environment involves different techniques than communicating in-person. Explore challenges you may face as a leader and strategies to best address them.

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Modifying Culture | May 6, 2020

Having a great culture empowers teams, fosters collaboration, and enhances employee engagement. Explore how to translate your existing culture into one that thrives online.

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Clarifying Goals During Furlough and Personal Flex Time Programs | May 20, 2020

Setting new goals for your unit as you adjust for changes in work hours will be integral to maintaining a positive and productive environment. In this session, learn how to have conversations with your managers, direct reports, clients, and partners to clarify your unit's new scope and timelines, and gain tools to help you with this process. 

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Leveraging Strengths

June 3, 2020



Identify the individual strengths of your employees and how to best utilize them for the overall success of the team. Learn to delegate responsibility based on strengths and build accountability in a remote environment.