Managers and Supervisors


Discover strategies to create a culture where people thrive and learn skills that increase employee performance and productivity.

The University of Arizona is driven by a culture of collaborators focused on achieving meaningful impact: our Managers and Supervisors. Impact is not simply defined by influencing others; instead, it’s about the process of transforming complex problems into sustainable solutions, creating a productive workplace culture, and driving results that directly influence the success of the University of Arizona.

The Leadership Development Series is a dynamic program that's designed to enhance and strengthen your leadership capabilities and ensure you have the skills, knowledge and resources to effectively lead your team and create a culture that advances inclusion and diversity, tackles problem-solving with innovation, and fosters a shared purpose. The program consists of a series of classes focused around the five University of Arizona Leadership Expectations: exemplifying leadership, building trust, promoting inclusion, leveraging resources, and achieving results.

The Leadership Development Series provides higher education managers and supervisors with the tools and insight to think more strategically, balance competing demands, and engage in more forward-thinking leadership. Become a catalyst and champion of change and a leader people will follow!

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors and managers who:

  • have direct supervisory and management responsibilities
  • are seeking to develop character-based leadership skills that will help develop individuals and teams to be the best that they can be at what they do.
  • want to build a productive culture that survives long after they have moved on.
  • want to increase their effectiveness by becoming stronger self-leaders.

Register Now

Classes can be taken individually, but engagement with the entire series is highly recommended.  Register to attend a session and access the on-demand course resources by clicking on the event pages below. Space is limited and registration is required.